Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ


How can the parents get involved?

We invite parents to come to Fall Family Weekend (dates are released from the University). Sigma Kappa hosts events during this weekend for members for their parents/guardians plus the University also has events planned as well to share the rich traditions and culture of Big Orange Country! In the Spring, plans to start hosting a baseball tailgate every year.

What are the financial responsibilities?‚Äč

Sigma Kappa is a not-for-profit corporation and relies on the national fees from its members to finance yearly operating expenses and chapter expenses. You can read more about those fees on our national website. Your daughter will be provided with a detailed breakdown of all the financial responsibilities should she join our chapter. We understand that it can be overwhelming at first, but if needed payment plans can be arranged between a member and our Vice President of Finance.

Is there an academic requirement?

Yes, we require that each member maintains a 2.7 term GPA and a 2.5 cumulative GPA to remain in good standing. If a member falls behind they are required to meet with our VP of Academic Excellence and create an academic plan to raise their GPA.

We recognize that education is the primary purpose of the collegiate experience and we strives to provide resources to all members in reaching their academic goals. We provide motivation and assistance for our sisters to help them develop their fullest academic potential and plan for a successful future.

What is the time commitment like?

There is definitely a time commitment as there is with any organization but there are also so many benefits to joining Sigma Kappa, like leadership and networking opportunities, academic support, and lifelong friendships! As a chapter, we believe that you get out what you put in, so we encourage our sisters to get involved not just in our chapter, but in other organizations on Campus as well.

Some of the events we hold are optional, but our weekly chapter meetings, our Founder's day and our philanthropy events are mandatory. Because we value academics, and believe that academics come first, we also require that our members maintain a certain number of study points a week. In addition to hosting our own philanthropy events each semester, and we also participate in other chapter's philanthropy events. We are also required that our members obtain 10 hours of community service each semester.

We value and understand any parent's questions or concerns. If you have any additional questions, please contact our chapter president, Raven Holmes, at