Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Raven Holmes

Chapter President

Manage Officers and monitor chapter progress, Preside at meetings and ceremonies, Ensure policy compliance, Maintain frequent communication with the advisors, volunteers and NHQ, Maintain positive campus relations, and Ensure housing/property policy compliance

Celeste Williams

Vice President of Standards and Values

Collaborate with others, Manage others, Develop maintain and distribute resources, and Build in understanding of Parliamentary procedure

Madeleine McCusker

Vice President of Programming

Facilitate educational opportunities, Manage others, Collaborate with others, Plan and organize, and Develop maintain and distribute resources

Maddie Gallagher

Vice President of New Member Education

Implement the promise for new members program, Collaborate with others, Develop and maintain resources, and Responsible for communication with VPCO about OmegaOne, Billhighway, and The Learning Center pertaining to new members

Christina Onolfo

Vice President of Membership

Educate and guide the chapter in recruitment techniques, procedures, planned membership growth, as well as College Panhellenic recruitment rules. Responsible for ensuring the chapter's COB efforts are carried out effectively throughout the year.

Amelia Reuter

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Maintain communication and coordinate events with alumnae, Educate chapter members about alumnae membership, Maintain accurate records, Work closely with other officers, alumnae and advisors

Raegan Peters

Vice President of Finance

Ensure Financial policy compliance, Manage chapter phones, Prepare and monitor the annual budget, Track number balances, Serve as a contributing member of the executive council (hold regular officer hours, assist in training next VPF and their assistant )

Grace Manlanpaz

Vice President of Philanthropic and Service

Educate chapter and community members, Coordinate and plan chapter service initiatives, Collaborate with others, Maintain accurate records

Colby Winsper

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Create an atmosphere of academic achievement to enhance the intellectual growth and development of chapter members. Work closely with the VPP to develop a balanced calendar of activities and academic programming.

Meghan Moriarty

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Develop and maintain accurate records and resources, Update chapter officers in Dove Hub, Update membership status in Dove Hub, Identify attendance issues and supervise retention efforts of the chapter, Post and send chapter meeting minutes to collegiate management advisor and the advisory board supervisor, supervise the public relations chair, Sigma Kappa triangle correspondent and webmaster

Eliana Safer

Panhellenic Delegate

Maintain a relationship with three separate entities: the chapter, The College Panhellenic and Sigma Kappa Panhellenic Team. Build relationships by planning events and activities with other councils (IFC, NPHC, MGC), and Maintain external communication about other events happening on Campus that are Greek life affiliated

Lilly Womack

Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

NEWER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL POSITION: Partnering with members to create a supportive environment and a safe space for marginalized members, provide meaningful programs and opportunities or members to increase their knowledge of different backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews